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UPDATE: VIMC Working Committee

As noted in our previous announcement, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) has proposed the formation of a Working Committee as part of their Community and Public Engagement Plan. This plan is part of their application to rezone 280 acres for expansion of their motorsport facilities. The proposed committee would include representatives from the SNA and the Municipality of North Cowichan, among others. We announce today that both the SNA and the Municipality have declined to participate in the Working Committee until specific concerns about the proposal can be addressed. Details are provided below:

Dear Members and Supporters;

As a followup to our email of April 16, we can now confirm that the Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association, along with the Municipality of North Cowichan, will NOT be participating in the Working Committee proposed by VIMC.

At yesterday's council meeting, CAO Ted Swabey cited the lack of available technical information and the need for broader inclusion as reasons why the Municipality has declined to participate at this time.

Having cited these and other objections, the Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association has also declined to participate in the Working Committee.

VIMC intended to collect names of volunteers for the Working Committee at their Open Houses, which will be held on Tuesday, April 24 (7-9 pm) and Sunday, April 29 (2-4 pm). The proposed committee would include 2 representatives from the Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association, 1 representative from the Municipality of North Cowichan, 3 residents of North Cowichan, 1 business representative from North Cowichan, and 1 representative from a non-profit organization.

As both the Municipality and the SNA will not be participating, it is doubtful that VIMC will proceed with collecting names. However, the Open Houses will STILL go ahead. VIMC will be presenting information about the rezoning and collecting feedback from visitors. Representatives from the SNA will be at both Open Houses, and we encourage all residents to attend and share your concerns about the proposed track expansion.

Thank you for your support,

Isabel Rimmer, President

on behalf of the Board of Directors,

Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association

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