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Noise Monitors are Coming!

For the last few months, SNA directors have been meeting with representatives from the Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit (VIMC) at a series of "roundtable talks" hosted by Mayor Jon Lefebure and the Municipality of North Cowichan (MNC). As a result of these discussions, we are pleased to announce the following:

The Mayor has received approval from council to purchase and set up a permanent noise monitor in a North Cowichan neighbourhood near the track. At the same time, VIMC has agreed to set up a similar noise monitoring system at trackside. The exact location of the monitors will be determined after consultation with an acoustical engineering firm. Data from both monitors will be live-streamed to a website that will be hosted by MNC. Anyone with access to the Internet will be able to go online and view real-time noise data from both monitors.

Although we are unable to provide a timeline for the noise monitors to be up and running, we anticipate that this will take place within the next few weeks. The intention is to collect data on noise levels in the neighbourhood and noise coming from activity on the track in order to inform an ongoing discussion regarding appropriate noise limits.

We encourage residents affected by noise to continue logging the dates and times (we have created a Google spreadsheet here, or you can create your own log). We will make an announcement when we have a date for the monitors to be up and running, and we will provide instructions on how to log complaints using the noise data.

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