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Track Expansion: Rezoning Application


Tuesday, October 1st @ 6 pm

Cowichan Performing Arts Centre

The SNA is asking for your support in saying "NO" to this expansion. Click here to download a short list of concerns that you can share with friends and neighbours. 

The SNA was one of five referral groups invited to provide comment on the rezoning application. Click here for a copy of our response. 


  • In July 2017, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) submitted plans to the Municipality of North Cowichan for expansion of their private motorsport club

  • The expansion would increase the size of the facility by another 100 acres

  • The new track will cross tributaries of Menzies Creek in four locations

  • Menzies Creek supports resident populations of coho salmon as well as cutthroat, brown, bull, steelhead, and rainbow trout

  • Delicate fry will be exposed to noise, vibrations, carbon monoxide and other toxic components of exhaust, and tire crumb residue, which resembles their natural food

  • There is currently no validated plan for noise mitigation

  • Approval of this application would allow up to 100 vehicles on the track at any given time

  • The Official Community Plan identifies this portion of the development area as an Extreme Fire Hazard zone

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For more information about the VIMC Rezoning Application please visit

this North Cowichan webpage.

We will be releasing more information as it becomes available to us.

For the latest news, please visit our News page and Subscribe to our website (subscribe button can be found at the top of this page).

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