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Our Community

Sahtlam is one of many neighbourhoods surrounding the city of Duncan on Vancouver Island, and it includes residents of North Cowichan and the Cowichan Valley Regional District. It is a rural residential area comprised mainly of small acreages, where people value the peace and quiet of country living, good neighbours, and being close to nature.

Nestled among the trees of British Columbia's temperate rain forest, we take great pleasure in enjoying the outdoors, whether it be working in our gardens, hiking the many beautiful trails on foot or horseback, or just sitting out on the back deck watching the local wildlife.

Purpose Statement

The Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association is a civic advocacy group that represents residents of the Sahtlam area of the Cowichan Valley, which includes the Municipality of North Cowichan and Area E of the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD). The purposes of the association are as follows:


  • To promote the health, safety, and welfare of Sahtlam area residents

  • To promote measures that maintain or improve the beauty, safety, natural environment, and quality of life in the Sahtlam area

  • To promote a sense of community that is inclusive and respects diversity

  • To raise issues that impact the Sahtlam community and to encourage debate on these issues in order to reach a general consensus

  • To provide a unified voice on issues for which a general consensus has been reached

  • To facilitate dialogue and interaction with the Municipality of North Cowichan, the CVRD, other Associations, and other levels of government as necessary on matters affecting the present and future livability of the Sahtlam area

  • To advocate on behalf of Sahtlam area residents in dealings with local government, businesses, public institutions, and other organizations

Board of Directors

Isabel Rimmer, President


Mariah Wallener   Jack MacNeill   Kathy Mercer   Alison Rimmer        

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